Bob Curtis

Hello, I'm Bob Curtis.  Welcome to my world!

Bob Curtis

Talk to me live at (818)348-0780, or e-mail me at email_address

I'm Bob Curtis. I'm a Californian -- a real one, one who was born and raised here. I grew up with a Super-8 camera over one eye making movies and studying life in the suburbs of the San Gabriel Valley. I've enjoyed acting and singing for many years; I got my start as a young person on stage at Glendora High School and Citrus College. I've been in the entertainment business in several roles, having worked at Fox Studios as well as being a computer support manager at New World Entertainment, and now, doing voiceovers. My hobbies include singing karaoke (and not afraid to tell about it), car rallyes, musical theatre, walking the hills over Malibu for exercise and relaxation, and computer stuff. Now single, I also enjoy spending quiet time at home in Woodland Hills, California.

Additionally, I have ridden the Microsoft wave owning and operating Computer Training Solutions, a school on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, California before the latest computer crash (the industry crash, not the one on your machine), where I taught Microsoft network engineer (MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification classes.

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